Partnering to Develop Transformative Leaders in Ethiopia

The University of Gondar (Ethiopia) and Queen’s University (Canada), supported by the Mastercard Foundation, have developed a 10-year partnership to advance inclusive higher education for young people with disabilities, develop new occupational therapy programs and advance research for inclusive education and community-based rehabilitation in Africa.

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In the News


Hiwot Mekuanent will be applying her doctoral work at Queen’s Faculty of Law to help improve the lives of people with disabilities in her homeland Ehtiopia. Admitted into the school’s PhD program as an “exceptional faculty leader” from the University of Gondar, she has received a Mastercard Foundation at Queen’s University Scholarship to complete her studies.      

I Envision a World Where…

Scholars who study at the University of Gondar were asked to finish the sentence “I envision a world where” for International Peoples With Disabilities Day and they answered by saying unique but influential things.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Celebration ends on a high note

The Mastercard Foundation’s Scholars Program at the University of Gondar organized a Celebration that spanned 2 days and covered many activities. The event was held from the 27th through the 28th of November 2018.

UoG’s Scholars Program Welcoming and Induction Program ends with optimism

The University of Gondar's Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program has accepted a new batch of scholars, who will be Ethiopia’s next transformative leaders. And on the 10th and 11th of November 2018 the Scholars Program office organized an Induction Program that allowed the scholars to get well acquainted with what is in store for them.

New batch of Mastercard Scholars at the University of Gondar undergo a Life Skills Training

The Scholars Program at the University of Gondar, to help the scholars find their inner capacity, organizes various trainings. One such training is the Life Skills training.

Sholars Talent Show and Competition Announcement

The Scholars Program at UoG is planning to conduct a scholars week (the week of the 26th) and invites all students with disabilities to showcase their talents in a grand completion to win amazing prizes.

Mastercard Scholars Program Call for Abstracts

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UoG plans to hold an afternoon conference, as part of its Scholars Week, under the running theme of "Inclusive Education for a Democratic Society." For more information click on this link and check out the advert!

MCFSP Office at UoG Purchases a Wheelchair accessible Toyota Coaster

The vehicle is, without a doubt, ideal for educational institutions and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Office and the University of Gondar are creating an atmosphere suitable for all.

UoG welcomes new batch of Scholars

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars program is in its second year and the scholars are arriving on campus.

Research Opportunity (Call for Papers)

As part of this project, the program will fund eight proposals with a maximum budget of up to $60,000 USD per proposal.

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The University of Gondar is providing scholarships for undergraduate and master’s degree programs for students with disabilities through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.

Queen's University is providing scholarships for The University of Gondar faculty to complete graduate programs at Queen's through the Mastercard Foundation.

The University of Gondar in Ethiopia (UoG) and Queen’s University in Canada (Queen’s) are soliciting proposals for collaborative research projects.

The University of Gondar is providing scholarships for the University of Gondar faculties and Ethiopian Students through the Mastercard Foundation and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.

About this Project

A view of the University of Gondar campus in Ethiopia

Our partnership, developed through the support of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, will provide 450 youth with a high-quality university education at the University of Gondar, and provide training and research opportunities for University of Gondar faculty at Queen’s University.

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Our Partners

University of Gondar

The University of Gondar

The University of Gondar is the oldest medical school in Ethiopia, with a focus on a team approach and community-based training for health professionals. The University offers 70 undergraduate and 90 post-graduate programs.

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Queen's University

Queen’s University

Queen’s is one of Canada’s leading universities, celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2016-17 and offering a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university’s Faculty of Health Sciences includes a School of Rehabilitation Therapy, School of Nursing and a School of Medicine.

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Our Funder

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

The Mastercard Foundation works with visionary organizations to provide greater access to education, skills training and financial services for people living in poverty, primarily in Africa. As one 
of the largest, independent foundations, its work is guided by its mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion in order to alleviate poverty.

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