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ነፃ-የትምህርት እድል 2011


የማስተርካርድ ፋውንዴሽን ስኮላርስ ፕሮግራም በጎንደር ዩኒቨርሲቲ የመጀመሪያና ሁለተኛ ድግሪ በጤናበማህበራዊ ሳይንስና ሰነ-ሰብ የትምህርት ዘርፎች መማር የሚፈልጉ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ለ2011ዓ/ም የነፃ ትምህርት እድል እንዲወዳደሩ ጥሪዉን ያስተላልፋል፡፡ የትምህርት እድሉ የትምህርት፣ የመኖሪያ፣ የህክምና፣ የማህበራዊ፣ የጉዞ ወ.ዘ.ተ. ወጪዎችን ይሸፍናል፡፡


፣ እባኮዎን ለበለጠ መረጃ ሊንኩን ፡፡






in Occupational Therapy for UoG staff at Queens


Scholarship opportunity for MSc in Occupational therapy (OT) is now open for applicants starting from May 01, 2018. The MasterCard Foundation will fully sponsor the expenses of selected candidates to join the M.Sc. Program in Occupational Therapy (OT). Up on completion of the training in Canada, the candidates are expected to return to Gondar and establish Occupational Therapy training program at University of Gondar in collaboration with the faculty members of Queen’s University. Therefore, the selected applicants should agree to be hired by UoG as academician for the soon coming Occupational Therapy department of UoG.

Open to :   University of Gondar faculty members from the following department below

             Physiotherapy Department                                  Midwifery Department

Health Officer Department                                  Optometry Department

Nursing School                                                    Psychology Department

Psychiatry Nursing Department                           School of Pharmacy

Social Work Department                                      Sociology Department

Institute of technology                                          School of Pharmacy

Environmental and Occupational Safety & Health Department

The deadline::  July 31, 2018.

N.B.      All interested applicants have to take their international English tests (IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB etc).

To Apply :   Submit all materials or inquiries to  Dr. Abayneh Girma at or +251 911 367068

Please click the link for more detial OT Admission Detail