2nd Cohort of PhD Fellows Depart for Queens University

The Mastercard Foundations Scholars Program is wrapping up its second year at the University of Gondar and is progressing in its overall aims. With two parts to the program being simultaneously running side by side the program is becoming efficient in catering and providing scholarship opportunities to talented but disadvantaged youth with disabilities and at the same time building the capacity of University of Gondar staff who will be pivotal in bringing a more inclusive curriculum to the university.

Part B of the Program is heavily reliant on the larger than life partnership and collaboration with one of Canada’s prestigious institutions. Queens University, which is located in Kingston, Canada, has been home to two of University of Gondar’s PhD candidates Molaling Belay and Mulugeta Bayissa. Now in mid-2019 a second cohort of fellows will be on their way to Queens.

A pre departure orientation at the Scholars Program Office, to better familiarize the new PhD candidates on their future endeavors, allowed them to get prepared for what is to come. Discussions, which were led by the Program Director Dr. Solomon Mokonen, Program Manager Mr. Solomon Fassika and others gave some opportunities for the fellows to ask questions and to become well informed on proper procedures. Talking points such as expectations, communication techniques, living situations, Scholarship Package and the likes were all discussed.