Graduating Scholar: Message from Habtamu Alamneh

Scholar Habtamu Alamneh 

Msc in Special Needs Education

Message from Habtamu on his Graduation and his views on the Scholars Program at the University of Gondar:

“I would like to firstly thank the Mastercard Foundation for all that it has done in making my dreams come true. I have gotten invaluable memories and experience at the Scholars Program which has molded me into a person that is far different from who I was. I have essentially become a new man with newfound confidence. This opportunity gave me not only academic aesthetics, but also it bestowed upon me essential lifelong traits like entrepreneurship skills, communication abilities, basic and advanced computer literacy and a variety of different life skills. With this newfound working spirit I plan on making a sizable impact in the lives of others and ultimately give back to my community. I will participate and become committed to addressing educational needs for people with disabilities and children of the likes in rural areas. To do this I will do research and develop worth while projects to tackle some of the pressing issues in our society. In addition to this I want to giveback by creating awareness for women. This is such an overlooked issue in society and women’s rights and their equality needs to be brought to the forefront.  Along with my plans on creating job opportunities for my people I will have the fuel to accomplish all that I have envisioned. This is my mission and I plan on making it happen!”