MCFSP Office at UoG Purchases a Wheelchair accessible Toyota Coaster

The University of Gondar’s Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program in its second year has come a long way. A new batch of scholars, who will be Ethiopia‚Äôs new transformative leaders, are on their way to the University Gondar and their education will mark the beginning of something truly special for talented youth with disabilities and disadvantages.

The Mastercard Scholars Office which is located in the University of Gondar is also assisting in facilitating the smooth transition of the scholars. By purchasing a Toyota Coaster which is wheelchair accessible the Scholars program is setting a wonderful example for future institutions when it comes to this regard. A first of its kind in all higher educational institutions the Coaster which is suitable for up to 4 wheelchairs and seating for up to 12 passengers is a perfect solution for people with a disability who wish to travel with comfort and ease. The vehicle is, without a doubt, ideal for educational institutions and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Office and the University of Gondar are creating an atmosphere suitable for all.

Currently the coaster is headed to Addis Ababa via Oromia to escort scholars from the Oromia, Amhara, Sothern Nation and Nationalities and later the Tigray region. Once the coaster reaches its destination it will bring the new batch of undergraduate scholars directly to the University of Gondar. These 30 scholars from across the country will be escorted by this state of the art vehicle and will arrive at UoG in the coming days.

Samuel Malede| Communications and Learning Coordinator, Scholars Program