Mastercard Foundation Scholars at UoG make a smooth transition back to class

The Scholars Program at the University of Gondar is in its 4th year and is well on its way to transform Africa’s next generation of talented youth into transformative leaders. The Program, which plans to give 450 talented youth with disabilities and disadvantages a rap around scholarship, is well on its way to hitting its mark.

It could be remembered that the Global Covid-19 Pandemic had sidelined students from getting an education worldwide. In the Ethiopian context as well classes had been postponed for about 7 months. However, due to countless measures and precautionary details being taken the University of Gondar has opened its doors.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars from all over Ethiopia are currently engaged in their studies at the University of Gondar. From Nursing to Law, and from Sociology to Special Needs Education the Scholars are looking to get back to their normal educational habits post-covid.

In addition to the Ethiopian Scholars, the Program has also enrolled 2 international Scholars who are in the thick of their first University semester in Ethiopia. The Masters Scholars Mohammed Ahmed (Somaliland) and Ayanle Ibrahim (Somalia) are both enrolled in the department of Development and Environmental Management Studies under the College of Social Science and Humanities.

When speaking on the Scholars Program Mohammed shared that he is hopeful for the future and that such an opportunity is a blessing. “I believe that with my Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Sustainable Development,” said Mohammed, “that I will be able to take my new found knowledge and enhance my own country and the lives of my people through practical and life changing Policy.”

Similarly, Ayanle who is from Mogadishu, Somalia expressed his delight for getting accepted into the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Gondar. He shared that the work that is being done at the University of Gondar is giving people with potential a chance to show their true talent. “I thank and commend the University of Gondar for opening its gates to the Horn of Africa,” stated Ayanle Ibrahim.

 In the 2020/2021 academic year the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UoG has registered 99 undergraduate scholars (of which 57 are female) and enrolled 15 postgraduate Scholars (of which 10 are female). So far, the Scholars Program at the University of Gondar has graduated 8 postgraduate Scholars of which 50 percent are female.