New batch of Mastercard Scholars at the University of Gondar undergo a Life Skills Training

The Mastercard Scholars Program at the University of Gondar is starting its second year and all signs lead to success. Many scholars who have experienced the past year’s benefits and skills have expressed their delight in the constant positive change they are gaining. The scholars are receiving an all expense paid for education at Ethiopia’s number one ranked university and everyday they seem to show signs of exceptional traits that exude leadership quality.

The Scholars Program at the University of Gondar, to help the scholars find their inner capacity, organizes various trainings. One such training is the Life Skills training. Broken up into 5 parts the training’s aim is clear and that is to start the process of molding transformative leaders and change agents out of the scholars. Some of the focus points of the Life Skills training included adolescent and life skills, academic skills, self-management skills and social skills.

Once the Scholar’s university education comes to an end these able and talented youth with disabilities and disadvantages will transform into transformative leaders who will give back to their communities. Among the various fields that the scholars have enrolled in it is clear that they will use their newfound knowledge and training techniques to bring a sizable impact in the lives of others.

Samuel Malede| Communications and Learning Coordinator, Scholars Program