Mastercard Foundation Scholars Take Part in Comprehensive Training Programs

The University of Gondar’s Scholars Program conducted life skills training for Scholars as part of the program’s institutional development strategy. The program, which is geared towards new Scholars, and will span 9 days, allows newcomers to get valuable insight into self-awareness, goal setting, communication skills (English), financial literacy and other pertinent topics. 59 Mastercard Foundation …

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Scholars Program and UoG’s CBR Celebrate International Disability Day

An event organized by the University of Gondar’s CBR program and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars program took place to celebrate the International day of Disability with the theme “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible, and sustainable Post-COVID-19 World”.

Scholars Program at UoG conducts a consultative meeting

Partners and stakeholders who took part in the meeting included Cheshire services, Mehabre Hewot for Social Development (MHSD), Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD), Rehabilitation Center, Bahar Dar, 17 Alumni Scholars and MCF staff. 

Freshmen Scholars feel Optimistic about their future at UoG

The Scholars Program is one of the best programs in the world that caters and supports those people in communities who are marginalized and often overlooked. The Scholars Program is strictly for talented people with disabilities and disadvantages and seeks to create a new status quo where these individuals are leaders in their society, and wider region. Freshmen Scholars who joined with this pledge of excellence and transformative fervor are on their way to making this a reality.

Scholars Program Alumni gives back to his Community

Habtamu Alemneh is just one example of numerous others who are doing various initiatives and gaining well to do career paths to help the country of Ethiopia. Being a visually impaired individual has not hindered him or held him back from making a sizable impact in the lives of many.

An alumni of the Scholars Program shares his new life after the Program

Shegaw Birhanu who is now a prosecutor in Northern Ethiopia in a town called Dabat is extremely optimistic about his life moving forward and has a sense of confidence that no barrier could stop him. When asked about his current position and the role the Scholars Program had in his success, he shared that the Program had been instrumental.

Scholars Program at UoG prioritizes transition to work

To make this transition a smooth one, the Scholars Program office at the University of Gondar has gone forward with a training program to better equip them with the knowledge and tools they would need in today’s modern workforce.