Paving a bright path for people with disabilities: University of Gondar inducts mastercard scholars

October 12, 2017

By Samuel Malede| Public and International Relations Directorate

On 7 and 8 October 2017, the MasterCard Scholar’s were finally inducted into the University of Gondar. The day kicked off with a reception and registration. From there it leads to the young adults being introduced to the wider university community and their overall upcoming journey as university intellectuals.

The recruitment process for the 20 MasterCard Scholars was quite rigorous. It was evident that the utmost integrity was held to pick these disabled and disadvantaged youth. For starters, great strides and priority were taken to actually figure out who in fact was disadvantaged in their daily life. Recruiters were known to go door-by-door and house-by-house to investigate who needed it most. Above all else, the recruitment team felt it necessary to give those who were disabled, financially stagnant and overlooked a better chance.

The MasterCard Foundation was founded in 2006 and works to improve education, financial inclusion, and livelihood. What can be noticed in fact is that in the greater African continent the MCF almost solely aids Sub-Saharan countries. MasterCard Foundation’s main objective in Africa is to create transformative leaders. And by allowing 450 students in the Horn of Africa to be given an opportunity of a lifetime its aim will be sure to hit its mark.

For the next 7 years, according to Dr. Mikias, the numbers of the students will steadily rise. This will allow the University of Gondar to include many disabled young talented individuals into the program. This continuous increase will grow until the overall quota is met.

Furthermore, scholars, who were recruited, have to now hold up to expectations in the years to come. By being granted a support service and a high-quality education, these disabled and disadvantaged young adults will, more likely than not, show their talent.

A first of its kind in Ethiopia, the disabled will be sure to blossom in the environment that will cater to their every need. Moreover, UoG is prepared to open its doors.

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