Queens University Celebrates its 2020 Peer Mentorship Volunteers

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Queen’s office celebrated the 2020 Peer Mentorship Volunteers on April 30, 2021. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the event was organized virtually. Our team and Fellows in cohort 4 are very thankful for the peer mentor volunteers’ support this past year. We also want to acknowledge the mentors and mentees sharing their feedback in the evaluation to improve the mentorship program forward.


We encourage any Fellows who are interested in volunteering to be Peer Mentors for the incoming Cohort.

Thank you again to the following Peer Mentor Volunteers for your dedication and support to the Fellows of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.


Abey  Abebe

Ansha Nega

Demewoz Menna

Eshetu Engeda

Fisseha Zewdu

Wondwossen Firew

Yohannes Assefa

Rediet Ayele