One of the University of Gondar’s respected foreign collaborations proceeds to teach one of the country’s disenfranchised and deprived groups for the fifth year in a row. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, which began in 2016, will teach 450 promising youth with disabilities and disadvantages from Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, and South Sudan.
The University of Gondar Scholars Program is now accepting new Scholars who will be potential transformative figures who will uplift their respective communities. The past week allowed for program staff to go to some of the most remote parts of the country to recruit new scholars for the Program for the Fall of 2021.
During the recruitment process Program team members follow up with potential applicants and go door to door to see their relevancy for the MCF Scholars Program at UoG. Through various vetting procedures the end result will end with scholars who will be given an opportunity of a lifetime. The team was broken up into 3 groups who went across the entire country. They ventured to places like Bahar Dar, Debre Tabor, Woldiya, Dessie, Debre Markos, Harar, Sebeta, Illubabur, Hawassa, Kefa, Wolayta, Gubage, Gadeo and the likes.
143 possible applicants have applied of which 101 were actually eligible for interviews.
Hence the Scholars Program has now finished accepting undergraduate applications for its fall 2021 academic year. All those who are interested in future opportunities can get all the required information on the official program website.