Scholars present a laptop computer to a top achiever

The Scholars Program at the University of Gondar is in its sixth year and is committed to cultivating transformative leaders in Ethiopia and the wider Horn of Africa region. The Scholarship aims to educate talented youth with disabilities and disadvantages. But in the same light is focused on creating leaders who will be able to transform their communities via community giveback and other leadership initiatives.
The Scholars could be seen furthering the aims of the Program every day. With that being said on 12 June 2022 the Scholars organized an event that centered on compassion and kindness for others. Twenty-three second year Scholars from the School of Law at the University of Gondar organized an event where they celebrated the achievement of another person. The individual who is a top student of their class and is a blind non scholar garnered the recognition of the Scholars. He was awarded a laptop computer by the group and expressed his delight in the generosity of the Scholars who were thoughtful and compassionate towards his hard work and accomplishment. In addition to this Scholars have also recognized the help of Scholar’s assistants by donating mobile cards to them and recognized their tireless work and effort in helping them every step of the way.