The Learning Partnership Advisory Group Convenes in Canada

Comprising of 13 individuals, of whom 3 are African, the MasterCard Scholars program convened in Toronto, Canada. Through 15-16 May 2018 the Learning Partnership Advisory Group, who has a term of one year and which gathers 4 times every year, spoke on a number of issues concerning the status of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. Basic routine meetings are essential for the well-being of the program, but more importantly for the scholars who are involved.

The goal of the meeting was simple and direct. Firstly it was to address the critical question of, “where is the program headed?”The belief that sustainable growth and incremental adjustments are needed, the meeting tried to dissect the progress that has been already made and foreshadow future strategies that may be implemented. Secondly, the concepts of community giveback, leadership, social transformation and transition to work were also raised and spoken of in length in light of the Flexible Research Fund which will be available to partners and Scholars. And, in addition, Longitudinal Cohort Study which involves external researchers and consultants was also referenced.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is coming on its second year of intensive learning at the University of Gondar. The 20 Scholars who were chosen are now studying in various fields and adjusting to a life in higher education. Such meetings are not only important but are vital to the future of the Program and the Scholars learning experience. Therefore, with future discussions on the way, this could only mean a better learning environment and life for the Scholars in a collaborative and shared space.

Samuel Malede| Communications and Learning Coordinator, Scholars Program