The Scholars Program at UoG holds a graduation ceremony for CBR Certificate Program and welcomes back its Fellows

Scholars from the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Gondar have completed short-term training in Community Based Rehabilitation. The graduation ceremony took place on May 14, 2022. At the same event juncture, a welcoming program was held for UoG fellow staff who have completed their master’s degrees from Queens University, Canada.
Program Director Dr. Molalign Belay, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, scholars and other stakeholders were present at the program. Dr. Kassahun, who opened the program, conveyed a message of congratulations to the graduates on the occasion. He also thanked the University of Gondar staff who have graduated from Queens University and returned to serve their people and their country to share and use their newfound profession to bolster the health care services in the country.
Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) promotes collaboration among community leaders, people with disabilities, their families, and other concerned citizens to provide equal opportunities for all people with disabilities in the community.
The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UoG not only caters to people with disabilities and disadvantages, but it also gives the University of Gondar staff a chance to gain Masters and PhD level education at Queens University Canada.
It is stated in the program that graduates and CBR certification graduates will greatly contribute to improving the benefits of people with disabilities. It will also help them integrate into the community because of its focus on inclusivity. According to scholars who participated in the program, the University of Gondar is becoming more and more popular among students with disabilities in terms of its inclusion.
The Scholars Program is in its fifth year and will continue to be a world-class program for those talented youth who are marginalized. Moving forward a new batch of Scholars will be given the opportunity to take part in the CBR certificate program.