The University of Gondar is taking part in last minute preparations to bring back its students

As of today, 2 October 2020, the University of Gondar is taking part in final preparations to bring back its students. It could be remembered that UoG students and MCF Scholars were sent home back in March due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic. Now over 7 months later the University has taken various steps to secure a incubated and safe environment for its students. Such precautions include:
1. Bedrooms, dining rooms, libraries, laboratories, and lounge services are in order with the COVID-19 Protocol in mind. The amount of Students that will be placed in dorms, dining halls, classrooms, libraries and laboratories have been determined and significantly minimized for safety precautions.
2. UoG has applied and sprayed anti-viral chemical and cleaning items to buildings used for COVID isolation;
3. Completely supplied food and essential materials;
4. Training for administrative staff;
5. Maintenance and painting of various buildings;
6. Maintaining infrastructure to ensure safe water and electricity supply. UoG has been working with city administration’s electricity and water services;
7. Manufacturing of masks and sanitizers;
8. Preparation and awareness creation for staff working in departments directly connected to student services;
9. Preparing screening services of infectious diseases for staff who will be working with students;
10. Preparation and introduction of safety personnel and COVID-19 plans;
11. Publishing of Covenant 19 educational and awareness creation documents, banners, leaflets, code of conduct and other guidelines;
12. Establishment of various committees comprising of city administration, Gondar city residents and various security forces (Peace Education Teaching Joint Committee, Security Committee, Student Admissions Committee, Monitoring and Support Committee), including student organizations from our university community. Student union members will be notified to come in advance;
13. The Academic Calendar of the Year has been prepared, including the time of entry for our students;
14. Strengthen our COVID-19 Treatment Centers and provide medical resources;
15. A review of the performance of the 2012 fiscal year plan and an introduction to the 2013 fiscal year plan have been made. In addition, the activities of the preparation phase of the 2013 academic year were evaluated in the presence of various university officials and executives;
On this occasion, UoG would like to take this opportunity to thank its dear students for their patience. The University will soon be announcing the introduction of our students after reviewing the preparation of the Supervision Team of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.