University of Gondar is welcoming its first round of returning students

It could be remembered that the Global COVID-19 Pandemic had cut the 2019/2020 academic year short. With that being said the University has today on 12 December 2020 been able to officially welcome its returning students with all of the preparedness and attention to fine detail as is needed in such times.

Students are also coming from all over the country, and abroad, to return to their long-awaited education. In that same spirit the University’s higher officials also had some uplifting words for the university’s students. They shared their delight in the student’s return and have also expressed to all students: “welcome to your second home, the University of Peace.”

It would best and advisable for all students to measure their temperature, maintain their physical distance, wear a mask, and wash hands regularly to protect from the corona virus.

To help with this, we recommend that all students take the necessary precautions as there are hand-free hand-washing facilities available on all campuses of the university.

We urge you, our dear students, to contribute to the successful completion of your mission of maintaining peace and security through mutual respect and empowerment. The University of Gondar Community wishes all students all the best in your current educational ventures!