University of Gondar organized a training for its Scholars

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at University of Gondar organizes Educational opportunities every year for students with disabilities in various regions of Ethiopia and neighboring countries.

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This Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program in turn provides scholars with a variety of life skills training which is supposed to bolster their overall standing at the University that will have a positive impact on their formal Education.

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Beginning from February 21, 2020, a two-week training had been held for 45 talented scholars with disabilities at Maraki campus. The focus of the teaching included encompassed ‘National and International Framework and Disability Inclusive Development’.

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This training will also be given in the coming winter, under the topics of leadership, law and other essential fields.

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One of the purposes of the training is to make it possible for students with disabilities be able to become role models and to have knowledge on divers areas concerning community based rehabilitation. In addition, over all, these scholars will be expected to go back to their own communities and impart their skills and experiences to help uplift their country.