UoG’s Scholars Council organizes a Community Giveback Week

Going on three years now, the Scholars Program at UoG has accepted students from various parts of the country and abroad. Scholars from Ethiopia and in the coming years those from Eritrea, Djibouti and South Sudan will join the programs Somalian Scholars and gain this once in a lifetime Scholarship Package. With that in mind, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Gondar has set in motion a plan that will cultivate all of its Scholars into Africa’s next generation of transformative leaders.

To go about doing this the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Council at the University of Gondar organized a 5 day Community Giveback Week involving Scholars and Non-Scholars who are studying at UoG.

The Scholars Council brought together actors and stakeholders from inside and outside of UoG and aimed to implement the Giveback Week as a springboard for further advocacy. Some of the causes they seek to promote and bring to the forefront are the issues related to persons with disabilities.

On Sunday 17 November 2019, the Scholars Council made their vision a reality by taking one step towards their goals. The successful launch of the Give Back week was held at Mesqel Square located in the heart of Gondar. 80 Scholars and Non-Scholars who were volunteers offered a variety of items to deprived elderly people and street-children, which would significantly improve their personal hygiene.

The volunteers spent the day socializing with the beneficiaries over hot drinks, snacks, and beverages that they had brought with them. They also had the chance to care for the deprived and disadvantaged by cutting hair and nails and also in some instances washing some of the little ones.

The Scholars Council President, Mr. GebreKidan Shebabaw, announced how Sunday’s giveback program had been a testimony of everyone’s graciousness and commitment. He thanked all who made the event a success and reiterated that such selfless giveback activities have to be a norm rather than a one-off and forgettable engagement.

The Council President also took it upon himself to remind all that the Community Giveback Week will run throughout the third week of November 2019 with schedules full of activities which will include peer-learning on basic computers, JAWS skills training, organizing lunch for Non-Scholars with disabilities, disability advocacy programs, and much others.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program UoG