Opening Date: 05 May 2019                                                              Closing Date: 20 June 2019

Sorry, the deadline has passed. We hope to see your commitment in our other endeavors as well. Thank you!

Checklist of credentials and testimonials
  1. Completed and signed Scholarship Application Form (this form);
  2. Detailed resume (or curriculum vitae) of academic, non‐academic and volunteer work;
  3. Kebele identification card/Passport;
  4. Testimonial on voluntary community giveback and leadership.
  5. All elementary, high school and university transcripts/student copy;
    • Elementary School Leaving Examination Report (or its equivalent). Grade 8
    • Middle School Leaving Examination Report (or its equivalent). Grade 10
    • National High School Leaving Examination Report (or its equivalent). Grade 12
    • Bachelor’s Degree diploma;
    • Bachelor’s Degree Student Copy
  6. Testimonials on economic disadvantage from appropriate government official;
  7. Medical report on the type and degree of disability, if any;
  8. Letter from District Police Office regarding their civility, clean criminal record;
  9. Testimonials on orphan status from District Administrator’s Office, if applicable;
  10. Testimonials on club and association participation and leadership;
  11. Testimonials on employment status and salary from employer;
  12. Two reference letters from university teacher and employer;
  13. Testimonial on the status of refugee/displacement status from concerned authority, if any; and,
  14. Motivational letter stating future aspirations, previous study/experience and one deserves/benefits from the scholarship – not more than 300 words.

Application mechanisms:

  • Online. Online application through website
  • Mail. By mailing to the program through the program’s mail address (P.o.Box. 1082)
  • Email. By scanning and emailing all materials to [email protected]
  • In-person. By dropping off in person at the Program Office, University of Gondar, Gondar