Can I use this research for my PhD dissertation?

Although we anticipate that pieces of each large project may be used for student projects such as dissertations, given the collaborative nature of the work and our hope for the overall project to support a range of scholars, the project co-PIs may not use the project as their own dissertation research. They may, however, use components of the research project for dissertation projects of students they are supervising.

What is the maximum number of co-Investigators allowable on the grant?

We require there to be at least two co-PIs on the project, one from the University of Gondar and one from Queen’s. There is no maximum number of co-investigators that can be listed on the grant. Each grant will be evaluated to determine if the project has the required skills on the team to conduct the work, so we suggest you shape the research team based upon the skills and experience required for the research you are proposing.

Can I have collaborators from other universities?

You may have additional collaborators from other universities as co-investigators, however the two principal investigators MUST be from the University of Gondar and Queen’s.

Can I submit more than one proposal in a given competition?

You may submit more than one proposal in a competition (as PI or co-investigator), provided that the content is sufficiently different and you have the capacity to complete the work proposed if successful.

Where can I download the budget template that I need to fill out?

Download the budget template.

Are there specific instructions for completing the budget template?

Yes, the first tab in the Budget template outlines the instructions & guidelines for completion of the template. The second tab Combined Budget is the totals from the Canada & Ethiopia tabs automatically populated here. This tab is password protected for use by Mastercard staff only.

Are there specific guidelines for what expenses are eligible or ineligible?

Yes the Mastercard Foundation Collaborative Research Project Expense Reimbursement & Guidelines Policy provides details on all expenses, completing the budget template and reporting of expenses. You MUST read this policy prior to completing the Research Project Budget Template

I want to do my budget in a different format. Is the budget template required?

All proposals must use the provided template for the budget, or they will be considered incomplete

Are travel expenses for the Canadian and Ethiopian Co-PI’s included in the budget template?

The project will provide one trip per Co-PI over the life of the project and this doesn’t need to be included in the budget. Any international travel on top of that one trip must be included in the budget template like all other expenses.

What is the maximum amount for the total combined project budget and how do we decide the amount for each co-PI?

The total combined budget should not exceed $60,000 USD (over 2 years) and it is up to the individual co-Pi’s to determine how and where the funds should be allocated as it relates to their proposed research project (what work will be completed at each home office)

What are the reporting requirements for successful projects?

  • Financial reports are required every 6 months
  • Narrative reports are required annually
  • A final financial report and narrative report are required on completion of project