Opening Date: March 1, 2021

closing date will be announced via TV (EBC), radio (Fana) and our Facebook official page (ScholarsProgramUoG)

PLEASE NOTE: This scholarship is open only for Ethiopian applicants that sat or will sit for the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEECE) in 2011EC and 2012EC in Ethiopia who intend to be a full-time undergraduate student at the UoG. Any applicant who wishes to pursue his/her undergraduate study on a fulltime basis and in the selected disciplines (ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY, MEDICAL LABORATORY, LAW, MEDICINE, NURSING, PHARMACY, PHYSIOTHERAPY, PSYCHIATRY, PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL WORK, SOCIOLOGY, SPECIAL NEEDS AND INCLUSIVE EDUCATION, HEALTH OFFICER, OPTOMETRY, BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, CIVIL ENGINEERING, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE) can apply for the scholarship.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated academic ability, financial need, and disability status as well as community giveback and leadership potential using tailored checklists. The scholarship is full and covers the costs of tuition, accommodation/boarding, stipend and additional expenses as well as provides academic, financial and social support to make awardees develop as capable and transformative leaders in their communities. The scholarship adopts the approach of experiential learning and facilitates organizational attachments, summer-camps for scholarship holders.


    • This application form – completed and signed – along with required documents should reach the Program Office no later than (will be announced soon). Applications submitted to other organizations or after the deadline will not be considered for the scholarship award.
    • Only applicants that sat for the EHEECE in 2011EC and 2012EC are eligible for the 2013EC scholarship.
    • ONLY applicants with (1) visual, hearing or mobility impairment, (2) scores on the EHEECE for entry to higher educational institutions in REGULAR or EXTENSION Program, and (3) proved financial difficulty will be eligible for award consideration.
  • Only applicants without a first degree (BA or BSc) or currently not in study can apply for this Scholarship.