Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy for University of Gondar Faculty
This project will provide an opportunity for 16 exceptional faculty leaders from the University of Gondar to complete a Masters of Science degree in Occupational Therapy at Queen’s University. The overall goal of this training is to create a cohort of leaders at UoG who will work with Queen’s faculty members to develop a new, undergraduate-level curriculum in Occupational Therapy at the University of Gondar, which is expected to enroll its first class in 2022.
PhD Opportunities for University of Gondar Faculty
This project will enable 44 exceptional faculty leaders from the University of Gondar (UoG) to complete a PhD at Queen’s in a range of disciplines, including but not limited to Rehabilitation Science, Nursing, Law, Engineering, Education, or Epidemiology, with a research dissertation focused on inclusive education, community-based rehabilitation, or other relevant issues facing people with disabilities and their families in Ethiopia or the continent of Africa.
Collaborative Research
This project will fund eight collaborative research projects between faculty of UoG and faculty of Queen’s University. This research will advance practical knowledge and measures for (a) inclusion within primary, secondary, or tertiary education and/or (b) improved community based rehabilitation (CBR) practices that enable access to and quality of schooling for young people with disabilities. Research should be relevant to Ethiopia specifically or the continent of Africa more generally.
Establishment of BSc. OT at UoG
This project will establish the first School of Occupational Therapy in Ethiopia with an expected admittance of first students in Fall of 2021 in the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy program.

About this Collaboration

The University of Gondar (Ethiopia) and Queen’s University (Canada), supported by the Mastercard Foundation, have developed a 10-year partnership to advance inclusive higher education for young people with disabilities, develop new occupational therapy programs and advance research for inclusive education and community-based rehabilitation in Africa.